Dock & Specialty Equipment

Wholesale - Retail - Subcontract - Replacements
Using only the highest quality manufacturers, we have assembled a full line
of specialty products with unique features, which distinguishes us from the competition.
Dock Levelers - Still fabricating levelers with structural I-beam construction,
eliminating "Ditching of Board" associated with other popular levelers.
Dock Seals - Offering 40oz LTA vinyl (High Performance High Abrasion
Resistant Material) - stronger than competitors 40oz Hypalon and less expensive.
Truck Restraints - pneumatic or manual restraints set in concrete eliminating
"breakaway" associated with competitors surface bolted restraints.
Chase Durus:
Traffic Doors - All sizes and types required for your specific needs.
Air Doors and Strip Curtain - Certified air doors with guaranteed results.
Getting the right material, thickness and width for your particular strip curtain application makes all the difference.
High Speed Doors - Self repairing breakaway bottom bar, soft start-soft stop
motors, inline photo-cells, heavy duty side frames and virtually indestructible
fabric, makes Albany the leading high speed door company in the world.